Select Grade is available in Clear and Limited Character.  Both grades have 90% heartwood and tight cathedral grain patterns. The color appearance is mostly uniform but has minor variations in the grain and few nail holes or other imperfections. Clear will have small knots while limited character allows for knots to be as large as 1.25".  Most customers like a blend of the two.


Clear Vertical Grain (CGV) refers to the type of cut.  The grain is on edge from a 90 to 45 degree angle.  CGV is the most stable of the wood cuts because it is more resistant to the effects of humidity and temperature. Cut from heartwood it has tight growth rings and uniform color.


Mill Run flooring is rustic and authentic and tends to retain its original look. It has the most character of the heart pine varieties and is usually the most economical due to its popularity for the last 300 years. Mill run features knots, nail holes, man-made defects, sap wood, heartwood, and distressing.