juglans nigra

Walnut was abundant in the Ohio and Mississippi river valleys more so than the middle Atlantic states, and used for everything from fence posts to houses. It was also popular with woodworkers and cabinet makers for its durability, strength and beauty. Walnut was almost nearly extinct due to over-cutting. This is our rarest reclaimed hardwood, and not always available. When we have it in stock, we have walnut that has outstanding color, classic un-red tones and depth. Some of its characteristics will include: some sapwood, insect scarring, knots, nail holes, light distressing and other natural or man-made markings.

We highly recommend using engineering technology to adapt this rare commodity to modern applications.


  • Plank widths: 4-12”+
  • Thickness: 3/4”
  • Lengths: 3-12ft+
  • Milling profile: straight edge, tongue & groove
  • Texture: smooth
  • Application: flooring or paneling
  • Plank: solid or engineered photos

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