Stoneview Barn

Edgecomb, Maine

The midcoast town of Edgecomb, Maine, embraces the Yankee custom of reusing, repurposing and even relocating structures for new uses. A century-old barn was recently moved and restored as part of a family summer compound near the Sheepscot River. Rousseau Reclaimed sourced lumber for stair risers from the ground floor to the second floor, and in the sleeping loft. John was able to find barn board to match the structure’s original wood, providing the materials for a kitchenette and bathroom on the second floor. The resulting building is multi-purpose. The ground floor has double-wide doors to accommodate all-terrain vehicles while the second floor and loft provide living quarters. The barn’s new location is surrounded by woods with a perfect view of both the Sheepscot and Back Rivers.

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