Skip milled flooring, part of the original surface (OSF) product line is a great way to maintain and retain the original and authentic character of salvaged lumber. Skip milled helps create a relaxed contrast to a modern design of rustic-clean look. We lightly machine the surface while leaving lots of the old patina and saw marks, giving the rest of the plank a smooth surface. We only use the best repurposed Barn Board to make this product. Skip Milled Brown Board is a blend of softwood Barn Board. We leave as much of the natural contour and saw marks as possible while leaving a surface that has a clean look.

Some of its characteristics include: knots, light distressing, evidence of prior use such as nail holes, stains and other natural or man-made markings


  • Plank widths: 2-12”
  • Thickness: 5/8 & 3/4”
  • Lengths: 2-12 ft
  • Milling profile: straight edge or tongue & groove
  • Texture: skip smooth / skip hit
  • Application: flooring or paneling
  • Plank: solid

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